People are led towards certain types of careers for a number of reasons.  It is immediately clear to anyone who has ever held even a part-time job that enjoying your career makes your workdays (and thus, your life) much more enjoyable.  It is also important to know that your career will be engaging and fulfilling, as you will spend a large amount of time performing your job duties over the course of your career.  Finally, it is sometimes overlooked that the right career for you ought to be challenging and match well with your skills, so that you will be motivated to improve yourself and your performance, rather than frustrated or bored with your career.

Of course, one major aspect of choosing a career has been left out so far: salary.  It would be downright foolish to pretend that the type of salary that can be earned in a given career path or profession has nothing to do with whether people pursue that career or not.  While money certainly isn’t everything, being fairly compensated for your work, expertise and abilities is important for not only making a good living, but for feeling appreciated for what you do each day.  Let’s see how marketing jobs stack up against others when it comes to salary potential, shall we?

First, it is important to take into account a number of important factors when it comes to what kind of salary you can expect as a marketing executive.  One is your level of education and experience.  Having a graduate degree rather than simply a bachelor’s degree in marketing, for example, can increase your earnings potential.  Having experience is a huge boost to your potential income, as most of the higher paying marketing jobs will expect you to have some sort of experience or proven track record in order to qualify.  Also, the company itself will dictate the kind of salary that is available to you, with larger companies obviously being able to offer more (generally speaking) than smaller ones.

For a marketing executive who has little to no experience and is taking more of a starting-level job, you may be looking for a range that is likely between about $25,000 and $45,000, according to data found on  Marketing jobs in the $30,000 to $40,000 range seem to be quite common for beginning marketing executives no matter what part of the country they are located in, though positions in large companies that are located in big cities, such as Chicago, IL, seem to pay more, as expected.

It is worth nothing that’s information shows an average salary just under $54,000 for standard marketing executives.  Of course, this takes into account not only the lower-paying entry-level jobs, but also the higher paying positions at large companies that are looking for experienced marketing professionals.  Also, you can expect to be very well compensated if you advance in your marketing career, as marketing directors average over $10,000 more than regular marketing executives, and there are many companies who pay six-figure salaries for such positions.

As always, the key is to gain quality experience that will help you demonstrate your abilities for prospective employers in the future, so that you can be in the position to qualify for the highest-paying jobs in the field.  Furthering your education, particularly in an economy where there may be less attractive employment options than usual, is always a good choice, as well.