What is a Marketing Executive?

A good marketing executive is a tremendous asset to any company, from a smaller-sized, locally-based organization to a huge mega-corporation.  There are many reasons for this fact, chief among them is that marketing executives can not only directly affect the success of a product line or type of service, but also can actually enhance the value of the product or service itself in the eyes of the most important person out there- the consumer.

In many ways, the marketing executive is a liaison between the company itself and the consumers who will ultimately decide the success- or failure- of the company’s efforts.  After all, different marketing strategies, such as positive and negative marketing or educational marketing, will largely determine what the previously unacquainted public will think and feel about your company’s specific products and services.  If product quality is essential for retaining customers, the very impression of product quality is vital for getting those customers to give the product a try in the first place.  This is where a talented marketing executive can make a big difference.

It is important to remember, however, that a marketing executive does not simply hope to dictate to customers what their company’s products or services can offer.  Actually, the communication between consumers and marketers takes place on a two-way street.  This is because the best marketing executives know that interpreting what the public at large is looking for or will respond to is absolutely essential for the success of any endeavor.  A big part of a marketing executive’s job is just knowing the market that exists for particular products and services, and being able to predict the reaction of potential consumers to not only the product itself, but also to different marketing strategies that can be used to reach those consumers.

Besides having such a dynamic relationship with consumers, marketing executives must be absolute experts on the products and services that they are selling.  A marketing strategy that is not tailored specifically to fit a particular product or service will have no chance to succeed, because consumers will not understand why they should be excited about the product or service without being told what is unique about it.  The best marketing executives will have such detailed product knowledge that they will be able to not only know which segments of the market to target, but also what aspects and features should be marketed towards which parts of the potential consumer base.

At times, a marketing executive will be asked to work closely with certain departments of their respective companies to further ensure that their efforts to sell a product or service are successful.  For instance, marketers can often have a say in everything from the packaging of a product to the design and appearance of the product itself.  The reason that they have such influence is that their co-workers concede that they are in the best position to tailor a product to fit the intended consumer base.  Of course, the particular responsibilities of a marketing executive are very much dependent on their employer and how they choose to interpret the marketer’s role in the company.

A top-notch marketing executive will be a “jack of all trades” of sorts, with the ability to draw upon lessons learned in such diverse fields as economics, advertising, sociology, psychology, and finance, among others.  Because of that, as well as due to the amount of creativity and hard work that is involved in being a successful marketing executive, the field continues to attract top talent in the form of college-educated men and women who want to apply their wide range of skills as a part of their careers.